All Creatures Pet Hospital

902 West Kearney Street
Springfield, MO 65803


Our Team 


Nicole Forir:

Human Resources & Accounts Manager

A Springfield native, Nicole joined All Creatures in 2009 and manages everything for us behind the scenes. She is able to implement new ideas for our team and works closely with our clients to help with all their needs as well. Nicole loves being outside, hiking, floating and camping. Nicole has a rescue kitten with no toes named, "Osiris".



Andrea Breckner:


Born in Springfield, MO, Andrea has been with the All Creatures crew since July 2011. Andrea likes to spend her free time with her son, Kameron and enjoys watching his basketball games, watching movies and hiking. Andrea has an 11 week old Border Collie mix named, " Scout".




Sarah Bermudez:

Surgery Technician

Sarah started at All Creatures in March of 2007. Born and raised here in Springfield, she loves training horses, Pinterest crafting and researching exotic reptiles. Sarah has 3 Pit Bull Terriers named "Dozer", "Tank", and 'Cowboy". She also has several reptiles including: 4 blood pythons, 4 Hognose snakes, a Blue-Tongued Skink and a Betta fish. Sarah's favorite snake is her Blood Python who was lovingly named, "Brussel Sprout Valentine" by her daughter, Mikayla.



Lisa Pryor:

Customer Service Specialist 

Lisa joined the All Creatures team in December of 2015. Born in Nevada, MO, Lisa has a black Domestic Shorthair kitten named, 'Jasper". Her favorite pastimes include singing on the prayer team at church, going to the lake and being outdoors.


Rachel Stevens:


Originally from Lawrence, KS, Rachel joined the All Creatures team in May of 2016. Rachel has 3 poodle mixes named "Stella Magoo", "Sully Joe" and "Slater Knox". Rachel's hobbies include: Fishing,spending time with her fiancé, Cameron, and traveling. Rachel's favorite place to travel is anywhere that has a beach.



Amy Dull


Born and raised here in Springfield, Amy joined the All Creatures crew in May of 2017. Amy has a Corgi/Collie mix named "Luna" and a Domestic Shorthair named "Fat Cat". Amy's favorite leisure activities include bowling,hiking,pottery making and kayaking.



Britney Jeffreys


Britney moved to Springfield from Hanford, California to join our team in May of 2017. Britney has an American Pit bull Terrier named "Frisco" and a German Shepherd named "Shyla Leanna". In her free time, Britney enjoys camping and hiking with her kids and her dogs. 

Courtney Peterson


Courtney has been with the All Creatures team since May 2016. She was born and raised here in Springfield and has a Flame point Siamese kitten named "Duchess".In her free time, Courtney enjoys hanging out with her family, listening to music and eating delicious food. 



Nikkole Swearington


Born and raised in Iowa, Nikkole has been a member of our team since August of 2016. She has a Rottweiler named "Primus". When she's not working, Nikkole enjoys foraging and photographing nature.  



Kate Farrell


Kate has been a technician here at All Creatures Pet Hospital since August of 2016. She originated in Vienna,Virginia and has 2 dogs "Gimli", an American English Bulldog and "Socrates", a Boxer/German Shepherd mix. In her downtime, Kate takes pleasure in horseback riding, reading, and adventuring with her children. 


Brandon Blackburn

Kennel Technician

Brandon was born and brought up here in Springfield, Missouri. He has been working with us here in the clinic since August of 2013 Brandon has a black cat who's called, "Phantom" and takes pleasure in Hiking, cooking and camping. Brandon also has a passion for good coffee. 

Cyndi Beaumont

Kennel Technician

Cyndi was born in Ft Hood, Texas and starting working with us in May of 2016. Cyndi has 2 dogs. A Yorkshire Terrier named "Khloe" and a Pit mix puppy named "Dori', and 2 cats named " Gaby" and "Cleo". In her downtime, Cyndi likes to hang out with her children and enjoys watching movies, both at home and at the theatre.

Shanniah Coursey

Shanniah is from Nixa, MO. Shanniah has three cats named Daisy, Tansey, and Lawrence. Shanniah loves being outdoors especially if it involves a water activity. Kayaking is her favorite hobby to do when she has spare time.